The hackathon will take place in person at 2000 Central Ave Ste 100, Boulder, CO 80301, starting from 4PM on October 13, with the submission deadline at 4PM on October 14. Winners will be announced during the AI Peaks conference at 4:55PM on October 14.


The event is open to all hackers, junior engineers, CS students at CU Boulder and developers or students from the community. Participants can work individually or form a team.


Prizes will be announced closer to the date of the event. Stay tuned for updates!

Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

Projects will be judged based on creativity, innovation, usability, technical difficulty, and alignment with the hackathon theme. Detailed judging criteria will be announced at the event. The judges' decision will be final and binding.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all. Thus, we have a strict anti-harassment policy. Harassment in any form, including but not limited to offensive verbal comments, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, stalking, photography or audio/video recording against reasonable consent, or any disruptive behavior are not allowed.

Participants have the right to opt out from being photographed and should be given the chance to express their objection. Inappropriate photography in private contexts is strictly prohibited.

All hacks created at our hackathon are subject to the anti-harassment policy. Sponsors, partners, and their representatives should not use sexualized images, activities, or other material and should not create a sexualized environment.

If you experience, witness, or hear about harassment or any other conduct that violates our Code of Conduct, please contact the hackathon staff immediately. We will take immediate action, which may include warning the offender, expelling them from the hackathon, or reporting their behavior to local law enforcement.

Your safety, well-being, and positive experience at our hackathon are of utmost importance to us. We appreciate your cooperation in making this event welcoming, respectful, and friendly to all participants.